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  • Each deposit works separately until its doubling
  • Deposits open from 11 to 23 November: 2.5% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Deposits open from November 23 to November 29: 3.5% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Deposits open from November 29 to December 5: 4.5% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Deposits open from December 5 to 11: 5.5% + 1.5% per hold per day
  • Deposits open from December 11 to December 17: 6.5% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Deposits open from December 17 to 23: 7.5% + 1.5% per hold per day
  • Deposits open from December 23 to December 29: 8.5% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Deposits open from December 29 to January 4: 9.5% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Deposits open from January 4 and beyond: 10% + 1.5% for Hold per day
  • Minimum deposit 0.05 eth
  • Distribution of incoming funds:
    100% for payments to participants


  • With each deposit, 3% is “frozen” on the balance of the contract to the jackpot fund.
  • In the absence of new deposits (from 1 ETH or more) for more than 24 hours, the jackpot fund is distributed among the last 5 depositors with a deposit of 1 ETH and more
  • 60% of the jackpot is charged for withdrawal to the last depositor and 10% each and another 4m depositors with deposits of 1 ETH and more


on working with the smart contract SuperFOMO:

Make a deposit to the project

Send ETH (more than 0.05) to create a deposit to the address of the smart contract SuperFOMO: 0xab820b476da01abbb8e7f0e7a359eb803d0fcabf

To participate in the jackpot, you must send from 1 ETH and more.
If 0.05 or more ETH is sent, a new deposit is created. Each of your deposits will live separately up to 200% (that is, until you receive 2 times more than you invested).

Do not invest from wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems and through exchangers. Participation in the SuperFOMO project is allowed only from ETH personal wallets that provide access to private keys.

Get a bonus

Opening a deposit each time you can get a bonus + 2% to your deposit by specifying the inviter's purse in the Data field of your transaction:

Get paid

To receive payments on all deposits, you must send less than 0.05 ETH (you can even send 0 ETH).
Be careful! You need to order the payment only from the same address of the wallet from which you contributed! The recommended amount of gas (Gas Limit): 400,000 (400 thousand). The price of gas (Gas Price) for the rapid passage of a transaction at different times may differ and depends on the workload of the network on the air. The current price of gas can be checked before being sent to Any amount sent to the address of the smart contract less than 0.05 ETH activates the payment function (withdraw). In the same transaction, a smart contract will make you payment of the accumulated interest on all deposits and will refund the entire amount you sent to activate the payment, as well as all unspent gas. Please note that by ordering the payment you drop your hold (that is, from the moment you receive the payment you will need to wait 48 hours before the bonus for holding + 1.5% is included).

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Affiliate program

For more popularization and development, the smart contract SuperFOMO provides a system of bonuses to partners, which can serve as an additional or main source of income for any project participant who has a deposit.
It is important to understand that the affiliate program will work only if the user you have invited when you make a deposit will indicate your ETH wallet in the Data field.

Bonus to invitee: Deposit made is deducted by 2%
Bonus to the inviter: 5% of the deposit amount is automatically paid

You can create an affiliate link and advertise it.
Anyone who goes to the site by your link will see your wallet in the instructions for creating a deposit.

Enter Ethereum Wallet Address

Frequently asked Questions

SuperFOMO is an investment fund created on the basis of a smart contract and loaded into the Ethereum blockchain. A smart contract performs only those functions that were assigned to it during the upload to the network. In the smart contract SuperFOMO there is no owner, and the code itself has been tested (audited) by professionals. This means that neither the creators nor any third parties can use the project's cash register to bypass the code rules. The security of your investments is provided by the Ethereum blockchain.

In the SuperFOMO project, the interest rate on all new deposits increases every 6 days and therefore all players joining the project after the start are in more favorable conditions! This unique solution is designed to change the minds of the players and ensure a truly long, stable and high income for all investors.

The smart contract is set to accept deposits from 0.05 ETH and more. No restrictions on deposits

The contract provides two types of bonuses: Hold and Affiliate. Hold - for those who do not withdraw profits for more than 48 hours, the contract produces an additional charge of 1.5% per day for each deposit. Affiliate - for those who specify the inviter in the Data field when making a deposit, the contract increases the body of this deposit by 2%. Also possible are promotions and bonuses from the project administration at the expense of the funds received for advertising and promotion of the project. Detailed information will be published in the telegram channel of the project.

From each withdrawal, the contract charges a commission on advertising and promotion in the amount of 12% and 3% for technical support and site development.


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